Io Goddess of Fire, Fame, and Risk-Taking

Also known as Lady of the Sea, Sen-dathu-tar

Domains: Fire, Glory, Luck, and Madness

Favored Weapon Rapier

Io is known for rewarding the actions of the individual as long as it does not harm a follower of Io, or as long as the benefits to Io are greater then the losses. She also prefers action to be taken in place of long debate or unnecessary planning.
Io never inflicts madness upon her follows, but she does not turn the mad away. Those who’s minds do not fully belong to them any more have many uses and opportunities to serve in ways that those with a full mind could not comprehend.
Io is known to bring her favor upon those who sail the high seas. They often worship her without thought of another. Although her aspect of fire has little use on a ship everything she stands for a pirate, shifty merchant, or corrupt marine easily can grasp.

Europa Goddess of Frost, Family, Honor, and Patience

Also known as The One Goddess, Luthar’s Angel

Domains: Water, Community, Law, and Protection

Favored Weapon Longsword

Europa rewards those who show virtue and obedience. She favors structure to chaos, but is not completely against those freelancers who add to her cause.
Europa cures the sick and heals the wounded, should they or those who bring the wounded provided adequate devotion.

Ganymede Goddess of Nature, Ancient Runes, Healing and Freedom

Also known as The Great Druid

Domains: Animal, Sun, Rune, Healing, and Liberation

Favored Weapon Starknife

Callisto Goddess of Forbidden Knowledge, Death, and Darkness

Also known as the Judge of Death

Domains: Darkness, Death, Knowledge, Magic, and Travel

Favored Weapon Kukri


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