Welcome to a World of Elemental Magic

Since the dawn of man there has been magic. Man drew from the wilds of nature and wielded it’s powers in it’s most raw form. It was the powers of the elements. The elements that bind together all of the material world.

At first very few men were gifted with the power of the wilds. Creating but a small flame in his palm to help start the evenings fire or conjuring up a cup of water to drink. Most of the time these small gifts were only used to further their use of parlor tricks and slight of hand.

After some time these gifts became more powerful. Able to truly affect the world around them. For a while they were known as Warlocks. Cast away from villages and civilized lands. They were known for their destruction and lust for power. At this time the Shaman were born. These devout men also wielded magic. Only they had a mixture of the elements and were able to create much different and complex outcomes, such as healing the sick, and protecting against the magic of the Warlocks.

The Shaman served communities and taught religion. These communities flourished and grew into small kingdoms, each supported by it’s own religious deity. Each claiming to be greater then the other. The age of the wandering Warlocks was over. They were still around but no longer lust driven. They instead weaved magic of their own, independent of the church. Some magic such as healing they could never master, but those of destruction they could still wield. It was not uncommon for them to take up jobs as arcane casters in the armies of the kingdoms.

There was also magical artifacts that would start to arise. First it was the arcane users who created them. It was not long though that the religious artifacts of even greater power started to emerge from the churches. Designed to further the church and it’s followers.

So it came to be now. Those who weaved their own magic from the elements of the wilds would be second class to those who receive gifts from deities. What price is payed for these gifts? Who creates these items of magic power? Some from the church and others from the weavers of arcane. Who are you and what do you desire?

Elemental Magic

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